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Basic Information, rules, and regulations for: Rioricoazffa.wikifoundry.com

Information on this site: This website was made for the purpose of education only. So everyone in the Rio Rico FFA could go to one site and plan/talk about events. Where officers could answer questions and have online meetings. Our schedule and important class work due dates will also be posted. There is a monthly newsletter and a section where you can show off your FFA artwork and brag about your SAE. Just follow these rules and our website could stay unblocked! So let’s have some good clean fun with this!

Having this website is a privilege for all students and officers. It was opened For students, and parents to find out much needed information!. With it still unblocked, we need certain rules to keep it that way! We don’t want it Websensed!! Important rules and regulations:

First: you NEED to be a member of the FFA to join this site! YOU CANNOT INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! If you are not a FFA member you will be banned! Or your profile will be deleted!

Second: Any inappropriate pictures and profiles will be deleted! We will not hesitate in this, because this is becoming a big issue. Also, no inappropriate language!

Third: No Cyber-bullying will be allowed. The principal WILL be informed and it will result in permanent expulsion from the site!

If you obey these four rules we will be able to keep our website! This will keep all of us happy! So join our online family today! Remember, These three “Tom” Like characters are monitoring your inappropriate writing.

Chloe A. Garcia Reporter
2008-2009 FFA website creator
Head Moderator.

P.S Interested in helping write the monthly newsletter? Have good writing ideas? Have any experience in writing? Talk to me and I’ll give you access as a writer on the site!!

The Few. The Proud. The Blue and Yellow.

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